May your heart always be joyful, may your song always be sung

365 days ago, after more than 24 hours of labor, we were here.

Tonight, we were here.

What a difference a year makes.

Happy Birthday, little tiger. May god bless and keep you always, may your wishes all come true.

Coming down?

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  • happy birthday beautiful boy – i am so happy to ‘know’ you.

  • also?

    *shakes head*
    *looks around*
    *wonders where the year went*

  • happy birthday little guy!

  • Happy Birthday, 3B! Hope you get lots of cake.

  • Happy Birthday, little boy. So nice to be a part of your life!

  • Happy Birthday little B! They say time speeds up as you age…I’m waiting for AARP to call me today.

  • cute pic, interesting angle.

    can you believe how fast they grow?
    That comment didn’t really mean anything until you had your own kid, did it?

  • 3B passes on his thanks for so many nice birthday wishes. He’s glad to know all of you too.

    (And no, L-P, I had no idea what that comment meant until we had him. I’m with s@bd–her second comment.)