• Christy

    So frekin cute. I’m so jealous of his hair.

  • mmmmmmm. waffles are gooooood.

  • That’s a beautiful kid! I do love redheads. Any talk of haircuts yet?

  • Christy: I’m jealous of it too. Although I’m simply jealous that he has some.

    L-P: You have no idea how good these are. Soooo good, and then some.

    Henitsirk: What are you saying? His hair looks long? Something wrong with longhairs? Huh? Huh? You’re just lucky you can’t see his Jesus water walker Birkenstocks in these pictures. (I had to leave them out so Metrodad wouldn’t break out in hives if he saw these.)

  • He looks like a little BOY now! I can’t belive it.

    And his belly in the onsie? SO CUTE! 🙂

  • SJC: Bellies in onesies are cute? Now all I have to do is find a onesie in size 39T.

  • Oh, I’m not a big proponent of haircuts per se. In fact, we just approved a certain little boy’s request to grow his hair out. We will be drawing the line at barrettes and such, however. I’d buy some Birks for the kids too, if they weren’t 80 bazillion dollars. Time to check out the Target specials!