• Way too freaky. He’ll be scarred for life!

  • That’s what Mama said.

    But really, do you think he’d understand it?

    Yeah, Mama thought he would too.

  • His cousin is taking a class next year to learn how to do those. Just wait. It is her goal in life to get a paying job making animated movies, but I think she prefers the kind where her hands stay clean, on a keyboard.

  • CAGirl: Interesting timing. I just got off the phone with the folks atFreeRange Graphics, for whom animated movies is working out pretty well. A friend of Mama’s is good friends with (grew up with?) one of the founders, and we went to his birthday party when they were still all in DC, before the Meatrix went viral. Now, he’s based out in Berkeley, I think.

  • Wow, that’s definitely not baby Einstein