Boys playing with bats, balls and tractors

I’ll have better pictures when I get back home to where I left the cord for my camera, but this gives you an idea of where we sat:

...the house that Ruth built...

It was a great game. A couple of nice shots over the wall, some nice plays, and great weather to sip a beer, eat some Cracker Jacks, and chill with friends, like the bride and groom:

Groom and bride at...

Or, if you’re on your Great-Grammy’s farm, it was a great day to drive a tractor (and yes, he does get to ride on ones that actually work too) …

Vroomy vroomy vroom!

… and play with your cousin …

3B and Cousin D

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  • It is good to see the boys are both having fun. I am glad he gets to drive the ones that move. The other kind are a different sort of fun, but 3B is big enough to recognize the real thing.

  • Next time you come our way, stay a bit, huh?

    Oh yeah, all that world traveling coming up, I guess I’ll cut you some slack this once.

  • Your little guy is looking like a kid and not a baby!

  • Was looking at the Flickr pictures of 3B – what a big boy he has grown into. I don’t know you have these tiny people and they just grow and grow 🙂 What a cutie he is!