1, 2, 3 strikes, you’re out!

This weekend we got 3B a batting tee and a bat. We live in a condominium. Why did we think that our living room would make a good batting cage?


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  • If you let 3B play baseball inside, then I think you guys can officially call yourselves the COOLEST PARENTS EVER!

    …but hey, outside's cool too.

    With Gage, the most annoying thing about the tee-ball set that we got him: every time he hits the ball, he knocks down the tee & it goes flying in 4 separate pieces. Rather than working on his actual batting, we've finally trained him to reassemble his own tee each time. Yes, that's crucial….

  • 3B does that too, but we tried to get the sturdiest tee we could find. It’s like the one at Grammy’s (pictured here), with a home plate for a base. It’s still not as sturdy as hers, but it’s pretty good.

  • Get 3B a wiffle ball or a nerf ball for inside, and remind him often that the bat is only for the ball. We had lots of outside, but we never had one of those. We did have 2 basketball hoops though, one high and one low.

    You were thinking how much fun it would be, you were not thinking what would happen next. It is called spontaneous, which is lots of fun.

  • We have the nerf and other soft balls for inside, so we’re all set there, and we set the rule from day one with the bat that it’s only for hitting balls, but it’s still just a bit chaotic with all the flying objects and base running that’s involved.

  • Hey, vases come and go. Memories are forever.

  • Right. He’s a little Buddhist master, teaching me a lesson about impermanence. I’ll try to remember that as I sweep up the glass.

  • I see right through your dastardly plans, Papa B. You’re just starting early on the road to the “my son’s a MLB player who keeps me in the style of life to which I easily became accustomed” life.

  • I’m not taking anything for granted, though…I’m hedging my bets with the “rock star so rich his parents retired early” plan.

  • Cousin J points out that her mom is the coolest ever because I allow ballistic ball fights in the house. As a matter of fact when the boys got their nerf guns for Christmas, I pulled out one for each of the girls too. It was the best fun ever. Shoot 5 balls at your siblings, look for those balls or any that you can find, then shoot again.

    If it is genetic, there is hope that you can be a cool dad too.

  • I’m not sure that I can be as cool as that. When he’s begging for cooler parents, we’ll ship him out your way.