• Southern California forecast high today is 88 degrees. Either could be jealous of the other, but given the season, a little frost on the pumpkin seems more appropriate. Have a ball!

  • Our thermometer was a little farther left than that this morning, but no precipitation is in the forecast, just cold air. We tolerate cold better when flakes abound.

  • Ahhh….it does look like the perfect day to stay in & be lazy. But, not for those of us with kids, right?

  • MrJ: Covetousness is a sin. Mmm. But it feels so good.

    CAGirl: You’re on the left coast(ish), so shouldn’t your thermometer be farther left? And yes, the cold this morning was slightly more tolerable for bringing snow.

    L-P: I’ve heard that there are people who get to stay in and be lazy, but I think it’s just one of those innernets rumors.

  • I think you’d need a bit more snow than that to trump the allure of a sawmill.

  • We have sunshine here and the kids (I mean teenagers) are outside playing…. yeah for lazy days inside playing DS. I don’t know the temp since I have not been out driving and that is where my external thermometer is located.

    I need to get out and take pictures, or so my son tells me. We are having fall here.

  • Amama: True.

    KMoo: Good that you keep your external thermometer outside. We’re having fall here too; ours just includes snow.