• Rake the snow, now why didn’t I think of that?

    Papa, it works better for you if you would shove him off the side of a hill, and then tell him to bring the tobaggan back up to you.

    Merry Merry

    I think the fat man has been here, but now I need to go to bed!!

  • Hey, Happy Christmakwanzukkah to the Bradsteins! It’s kind of nice to live somewhere that a white Christmas is kind of guaranteed…

  • What up, Rocknoceros??????

    Who are you?
    Did he say "Bob Dylan"????

    Well, I hope 3B had a fabulous Hannu-kwanz-mas…or whatever. Happy Everything to Everybody!

    Into music much? Goodness—that child has just about every instrument. I didn't see a CELLO, TUBA, or FRENCH HORN…so the boy still must have something to wish for, right???

    Loved all those pictures & the video.
    …now if I could only find some snow like that…and someone to pull me on a sled….

  • Christmakwanzukkah

    Oh! There’s that word!
    There it is!

  • KMoo: Raking is much easier and faster than shoveling. I recommend it.

    Amama: It is nice to have the white stuff, even if it rained all night Christmas eve.

    L-P: He holds his guitar upright between his legs while he sits and uses his fiddle bow on it and says, “I’m Yo-Yo Ma.” So, the cello part is covered–sort of. But yes, sadly, we lack a tuba or a french horn, although a few days ago, when I was out walking him, I saw a man carrying a french horn bag. I said, “French horn–that’s not something you see every day.” He said, “Actually, I see one every day.” Good point, that.

  • Happy Christmas Bradsteins!

    He looks like a natural – don’t forget, Mozart had written Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star at the age of three, so you need to really encourage him – make sure he’s practising 20 hours a day…

    …or maybe not, eh?