Our son has the chinas

Last week Mama was bathing 3B while I was in New York and had this dialogue with him:

3B: I have the chinas.
Mama: You have what?
3B: I have the chinas.
Mama: [connecting the dots] …Oh. No, sweetie, you have a penis.
3B: Nooo. I have the chinas.
Mama: You have a penis. Boys and men have penises. Girls and women have vaginas.
3B: [agitated, starting to cry] Nooooo! I have the chinas! I have the chinas!
Mama: OK, sweetie. You have the chinas.
3B: [returns to playing in the bath]

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  • That about sorts Freud, I think…

  • Whether it’s the chinas or cojones, just keep ’em in your chones.

  • URD: Sometimes the chinas are just the chinas.

    MrJ: You know it, man.

  • When he is a little older and no longer wears that diaper, he will be glad to have male plumbing in the great out of doors.

  • …ahhh, he’s what? 2 years old?
    …and already requesting the “chinas.”
    Slow down, partner!

  • Way to go Mama. If you can’t beat them, join them. When baby 2B comes along, he might think otherwise. I know my #1 wanted me to look at #2 because he was arguing that she was a girl. I had to lean over and look at NOTHING. “See mom, she is a girl”

    I am glad that 3B has the chinas. and may he stay 2 forever… just like my #2.

  • That is just awesome, particularly Mama’s mad translating skills.

    Now, I remember learning in college that Freud was wrong, because feminists have deconstructed his views to show that the boy has a hard time separating from his mother unlike….ah, forget it, 3B’s too little for all that jazz. Chinas for everyone!

  • CAGirl: Especially when he’s atop something tall.

    L-P: Are you kidding? Slow is not a speed we have around here. Life is lived at full tilt.

    KMoo and Amama: Yes, chinas all around.