Bob, bob, bobbin’ along

Why is Twitter still all suckbag and stuff?

Oh well, I’ll just post it here and you’ll all see it anyway, but blogs are sooooo 2007…

Want to buy a BOB Revolution, loaded with extras (rain cover, cup holder, car seat kit)?

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  • Thanks, but no.

  • Dang.

  • I think it would fill our entire flat! Vaguely relatedly, I saw Craig of Craig's List speak a few weeks back. He was quietly and modestly quite awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Was tempted, but considering adding another family member and would need a double-wide, too, so will have to pass.

  • We ended up getting a Phil & Ted's, which not only carries two in the space of one, but allows for laying an infant down flat. I've only used it a few times, but I recommend looking at it if you need a double. Look on Craig's List, as they cost too much new.