Who cleaned our house?

Yesterday, 3B got up and ran out into the living room, where he stopped in his tracks and had this exchange with Mama:

3B: Who cleaned our house?
Mama: She’s sitting right over there–Grammy cleaned our house.
3B: Thanks, Grammy.
Mama: Do you like it?
3B: Yes.
Mama: Is our house usually this clean?
3B: No.

Bad parents, no biscuit.

And thanks for ratting us out, kiddo.

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  • Hilarious!

    Also: you may want to alert your baby namey thing that you do not, in fact, have a 4 day old baby…yet.

  • Yeah, I've been too lazy and somehow distracted to figure out the babynamey thing.

    Also, too lazy and distracted to clean the house, apparently.

  • Now you can't find anything!

  • You can still find the maker of the messes. Well if he hasn't run out the front door again.

  • CAGirl: Actually, she cleaned and organized. It really makes me feel for 3B.

    KMoo: He's still in the house–why would he leave now that it's clean and organized?

  • Yes, you're busted.
    Grammy's are the best!

  • Busted, but not surprised. He's a smart cookie.