Thankful for what we got

What we’ve had today:

  • An introduction to Wonder Pets
  • Breakfast on the couch
  • A swim lesson
  • A snack in the car
  • Birthday cake
  • Two juice boxes
  • A fun time playing Auntie’s drums with J
  • A good time playing with a party favor bag
  • Two poopy diaper changes within 20 minutes
  • A fun time coloring
  • Stories read to us by Grammy
  • A nap (we hope…the verdict’s not quite in on this one)

What we haven’t had today:

  • A baby

And we’re thankful for what we got…

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  • Okay, we will keep waiting. Let Mama know she looks really good in that white outfit she was wearing. Black is not the only color that hides size.

  • Have you seen the latest picture on Flickr? We're a little past hiding it.

  • Did you really want a baby? Does she really want you? I hope she did not change her mind. I know Mama wants one right now.