Bouncing around the room

If you’re wondering why I don’t write more in the evenings, or haven’t gotten back to your email about that thing, or why I consider riding my bike nine miles to work one of the easiest parts of my day, here’s your answer…(note that I didn’t add any music, so you could hear 3B’s joke, but if you want some music, I suggest that at the same time you play the video below, you also start this video)

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  • AR

    I don't know how you guys make the videos without busting out laughing at just how cute Solly is! Too funny!

  • Explain to Mama that when you're doing the pogo, head control is one of the things you're supposed to give up. (I think that was before her time.)

  • Good show. I am not sure I would trust 3B with your little girl yet. Keep working on his technique.