My promises to you

Last year was wonderful, but it was difficult. The achievements were tremendous, but the challenges were exhausting. I was constantly busy, on the go, running, but I got nothing done.

OK, I did get some things done, but it felt like for every task that I took off the bottom of my list, I added another three to the top.

One manifestation of this was that I didn’t keep up as well with my PMC duties as I had in years past. Among our activities such as finding a new home, packing, moving, putting our old house in the market, and working through was is the busiest part of my work for the past three years, I didn’t have the time for everything I wanted to do.

So, this year I’ve resolved to simplify and rededicate myself to getting done what I promise myself and you–and to only promise what I can get done.

The first promise I’m making is to finish the ride. That will be much more challenging this year because I can’t commute by bike to work anymore, so I’ll have to find hours in the day during which I can train.

The next promise I’m making is to personally thank each of you and get your rewards for donating out in a timely fashion. Because you all are so generous throughout the year, this also requires me finding time every day, but I’m also simplifying the offers I make.

This year I’m focused on my jersey and the head shaving and leg shaving challenge, and nothing else. I’m cutting down on the awards for donating, because after all, the true reward of all our contributions are less tangible to most of us, but no less real to those living with and leading the fight against cancer:

I’m not sure how I’ll do it, but I’m committed to keeping my promises this year. But that’s how it is so often, right?

You know it’s worth it, but you don’t know how you’ll do it, so you commit. And, once you commit, you figure it out. I know that this year will be difficult, it will be exhausting, and I’ll spend days on my bike trainer, riding to nowhere, but I know that working together with you, the rewards will be tremendous and we’ll achieve what we didn’t think possible.

All because we committed.