Yes, I’m allergic. Yes, we just got a cat.

I’m more of a dog person, to be sure, although perhaps this is because cats make me sneeze, sniffle and scratch my eyeballs out of my face trying to stop the itching…oh, the itching. But I like cats too, just not their dander.

We always wanted to get another dog after Barky died, but refused to have another dog while we were living a hallway, an elevator and a lobby away from any lawn in our condo. Since we knew we were moving soon, we were open with the kids that we would get another dog after we moved into our new house.

Give an inch…and so they asked if we could have a cat, a guinea pig, a bird…

Yes to the cat, and no to the rest of the ark passengers. In part this is because I know that Mama loves cats too, having grown up with two. The only condition I put down–as if I have the power to do that–is that the cat not come into our bedroom, so I have some sanctuary. We’ll see if that works, since Mama was already talking last night about how much warmer we’d be at night with a cat in our bed.

She might not have a choice in that, since 3B and Jewel are both demanding that the cat sleep with each of them. But first, everyone has to let the kitteh recover from her spaying yesterday. We’re being gentle with her and have her locked up in our office/guest room so she can’t hurt herself.


She already figured out that she can climb behind the desk, where there are cords–look at all these cords!–to play with. And tipped over the trash can to investigate that. She also gives affectionate kisses, so I think we may have gotten ourselves a dog in a cat coat.

The kids, of course, watched every move she made, and followed her around the room to the point that she was quite happy to stay under the bed, playing with pieces of the kids’ toys that had found their way under there. And the kids had all kinds of questions for the kitteh and for us about what she liked, why she was doing something and when they could play with her.

The kids were also incredibly gentle and respectful of her space, however. When I had them sit on my lap, kitteh did come out from under the bed and roam the room a bit more. They pet her gently and talked to her constantly. Yeah, kitteh, sorry if you thought our house would be quieter than the shelter. We’ve got two kids who, once they could talk, determined that if they could, they should.

Then again, if kitteh could survive on the streets from birth to four months old, I think she’ll live through whatever plans the kids have for her.

Hopefully the same isn’t true of the mice in our kitchen with regards to kitteh’s plans for them, otherwise I just bought a carton of Claritin for nothing.

  • elizonthelam

    You are a crazy person. Either that or just wanted me to never visit you at your new place. In which case, well played…achooo…sir.

    And by the way, probably it’s not their dander technically, it’s their darn saliva on their darn dander that’s making you sneeze. Just stop letting the darn cat lick itself and you’ll be set.

    • papabradstein

      Great, because that cat’s been licking me like crazy.

      But seriously, we do want you to visit. We’ll provide the Claritin, even Claritin D if that’s required, although you may have your own special sauce.

      And, although she’s living there while recovering from surgery, we can easily keep kitteh out of the guest room, giving you a safe haven while you’re here–plus, you know, the entirety of our yards, front and back.