Our PMC ride featured in magazine article

The Architect of the Capitol employee magazine featured my PMC ride as an example of employees who do good. The truth behind that article is that it’s really all of us together who do good.

As I’m fond of telling people, all I do is sit on my ass and spin my wheels; you’re the ones who do the hard work, making the sacrifices to send the contributions that fuel the patient care and research that saves lives. Of course, we’re in this together, so we share each other’s roles. I sacrifice my evenings and weekends for training rides, and make monetary contributions for a variety of expenses, and you can site on your ass to contribute online.

The article starts by explaining that I ride because I’ve been touched by cancer with Dad dying and my uncle. I’m sure many of you give for the same reason–having someone you know fight cancer–hopefully successfully fighting it, but sometimes succumbing to this pernicious, relentless disease.

This year has unfortunately started off with two more people close to me fighting hard against cancer. In both cases, they are fighting serious cases of breast cancer, and in both cases, it’s thanks to the research you fund that both are able to be cautiously optimistic about their prognosis. One of them journeyed to Dana-Farber for a second opinion, and is aware that thanks to the work done there, her cancer is expected to be treated as a chronic condition rather than terminal illness as it would have been just a few years ago.

That’s work that we supported–you and I, together. So, take a moment to bask in the media spotlight that this article shines on you, without whom I couldn’t complete the ride: read the article.

And if you haven’t already joined my ride this year…I suppose if you really want to, you could stand up while donating, but there’s no need. Stay seated and surf on over to donate today.