Only you can make me bald

Update: I have raised $3,500, so I will be shaving my beard on Father’s Day! Thanks to all who donated…now, if you were hoping to make me shave my head, tell a friend and have them donate.

We’re only a little bit short of the goal, so the next donation could be the one to make me shave my head…and legs!

Donate today.

You probably don’t know me well enough if you don’t jump at the chance to push my button and cackle, “Dance, mailman!”

Luckily, for all of you who do know me, your chance to make me do your bidding is here, and it’s simple:

Done! I raised over $3,500, so I will be shaving my beard on Father’s Day! If I have raised $3,500 to make cancer history by Father’s Day, I will shave my beard. Donate today.

If I have raised $4,000 by Father’s Day, I will shave my head. Donate today.

If I have raised $4,500 by Father’s Day, I will shave my legs. Donate today.

I know that I don’t have much hair to offer up in this deal, but trust me when I say it makes a difference. Every day that I’m bald–and I keep it off through the ride in August–someone at work greets me with, “You lose a bet?” or “Go to a frat party this weekend?” or “I remember the first time I got drunk too.”

And I’m all too glad to laugh with them, because I know that somewhere else someone else is also bald–and alive. And they’re alive because of you and the money you gave.

Every year I’ve done this ride, I’ve made the mistake of thinking that this couldn’t be more personal or closer to my heart. Cancer killed my father, after all. It was cancer that made me watch, stricken, as my young cousin broke down delivering the eulogy at the funeral of her father–my uncle–when she was half the age I was when cancer took Dad from me.

But every year, cancer finds a way to cut closer to my heart.

Last year, I got the news down the wire that a young, beautiful and brave warrior had lost his fight, reminding me how perilous this journey through life is, how desperately I love my children, and how I’d do anything–anything–to save them. My sister also had a scare that fortunately was just a scare…but still.

This year, two women close to me are newly engaged in deadly serious fights against breast cancer. When I heard about each, I gasped and stopped breathing for a minute.

I’m glad to tell you that so far they’re both cautiously optimistic, which is only possible because of donations like yours. Your generosity pays for the research and care that has discovered and developed the treatments that are saving their lives as you and I sit sipping our coffee, surfing Facebook and sleeping through dreams of a sunny tomorrow.

Bald is not a choice they got to make, but it’s much better than the alternative outcome, which just a few years ago–before donations like yours discovered cures and treatments–was inevitable.

Bald is a choice you can make, and you can do it the easy way: make me bald.

And when you do, you’ll be saving the lives of friends and family–mine and yours, now and in the future.

We’re all in this together. Please donate today.