Thanks for raising my kids right

Thanks to everyone who filled my birthday with warm and wonderful feelings by committing to support cancer patients and doctors in honor of 3B’s lemonade and lollipop stand.

Lemonade sign
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With great support from Mama–who found herself standing in 7-11 yesterday wrangling our two weasels while holding a half-dozen bags of ice…and then the clerk tried to hand her two free Slurpees–3B and Jewel together collected $31 for my PMC ride. 100 percent of that money will go to cancer patients, doctors and researchers, as will all of the money you pledged to match their proceeds.

They helped buy all the lemonade, dispensers, ice and schlep all of that, plus a table and the signs they made to our community pool. Then, they manned the table for over two hours, recruited all their friends as volunteer help (we’re raising a red-headed Tom Sawyer, to be sure), and went chaise lounge-to-chaise lounge with a coffee can, asking for donations. Such dedication, hard work and courage…and such a reward.

Lemonade stand
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The feeling I got watching them light up and bounce around when I told them that their $31 had become $410 with all the matches pledged throughout the day was priceless.

I’m humbled and honored that so many of you responded to their efforts with such generosity. It makes tangible to them the rewards of doing good for others, and of taking courageous action–they know now that others will come to their aid, stand at their side, lend their hands and hearts when they do. They know how good that feels, and so they are more likely to do it again–maybe for this cause, or maybe for a friend who falls down on the playground.

They are better people for the support you gave them, and I cannot thank you enough for that.

And if you still want to match their $31, you can donate today.