How Coke + Snickers became kale juice + Clif bars

I suppose that by now it’s been almost a month since I wrote here, since before my PMC ride, 3B’s technology summer camp and our family trip to Grammy’s. School has also started for 3B–yesterday was the 1st day of 2nd grade for 3B–and Jewel, who returned to her preschool just in time to learn about Rosh Hashanah before we head to our friends’ house for a dinner of apples and honey…and all that other stuff.

A good time, then, to reflect on recent events and write a little more in this book of my life that this blog is.

My ride went well, though my lack of training showed in my inability to ride strong for as long as I have in the past. Recovery was also harder this year than in past years; I was more tired for longer after the ride than I have been before. But each cancer survivor who greeted us along the route with a thanks for making their life possible was a balm for each ache and a charge of energy for each moment of fatigue.

In addition to riding with my team, PHAT Tuesday, I also managed to find the brother-in-law of our neighborhood friends out of a sea of 5,500 identically clad riders on the first day. We only rode for about 15 minutes on the first day, but on day two I managed to latch a tow rope to his seatpost so I could stay with him and we rode together for the second half of the day. He’s a strong rider and a good guy who I look forward to riding with in next year’s PMC, if not before. He lives in Mass., however, so coordinating a meeting point between us for a training ride might be tricky.

The PHATs were, as always, a fun, fast, friendly group fueled by 100 percent pure awesomesauce. There are several big motors on the team, and each of them cracked me like a roasted peanut at some point on the ride as I tried to follow on their wheels.

You’d think this would have taught me my lesson and that I’d be on my bike every night, riding hard for next year. Yes, you would think that, because you’re smarter than I. But, while I haven’t been on my bike as much as I want, I have been watching what I eat. This year I got to the PMC heavier than I have in the past, and while it would cost me a pretty penny to get a bike that is ten pounds lighter than my current one, it will only cost a dessert here and a drink there to get my body down those ten pounds…if I start now. Oh, and a score of pushups and core workouts every morning.

What happened to my teenage years, when I would ride 30 miles fueled by a Coke and a Snickers bar?

So, that’s how the ride went. More about computer camp, Grammy’s and school this week.