Nice smock, Papa


As soon as we flew back from Grammy’s, we jumped into the school year, with both kids having new teachers and classes. Jewel said she hated it, didn’t want to go, didn’t like her teachers and didn’t know the names of any other kids in class. All of that would be sad and worrying if her school didn’t, like every preschool these days, share a weekly review of pictures, which lets us see that she’s happy there.


3B has a half-dozen kids from last year in this year’s class, and three or four of them are on his baseball team, all of which has helped his transition this year. In addition, his new best friend from third grade is also on his team. They met at the pool this summer and have become inseparable. School for 3B seems more of the same too–less homework than we had at our old condo school, with an emphasis on reading every night. His assignment in week one was to read 15 minutes every night. His reaction was, “15 minutes? I could read for three hours!”

Of course, he could also play Minecrack for three hours too.

And, of course, Mama and I have gone back to school as well, and now that summer is really over, I’m back to going to work in the final hours of the night. That allows me to come home while it’s still light, but means I’m ready for bed not long after the kids–finally–go to sleep. That’s fine when there’s nothing to do but make a fire, read a book and drift off, but I’ve been trying to re-establish parts of the front lawn that were eroded down to bare clay when we moved in. This means digging up the clay, working in topsoil, seeding and daily watering. Mama takes care of most of the mowing, which is a huge help, though we’ve both also been working to close out our summer garden.

This means getting the last of the tomatoes and peppers, harvesting a bushel of catnip, digging out what flowers the bird who nested in our window boxes didn’t ruin and replacing them with mums, planting bulbs and lumberjacking down the trees that our sunflowers became. I love it all, but it seems that there’s never enough time for it all.

Ah well, I didn’t always finish my school homework either.

Though Mama and I do have to stay focused on our classroom assignments, since she has an all-day meeting in the office that she’s prepping for all this week and next. While I’m attending a seminar this week as a mere participant, come November I’ll be a presenter, so I really have to get my ducks in a group…or is that poop in a line? At least I’d better stop mixing my metaphors like concrete salad by then.

To help me gather my thoughts and connect with other presenters and participants, and because I don’t have enough spare time, I started a blog about web content matters, which is what I deal with when I’m not out harrowing our front forty. I’ve had better luck keeping up with the my new web content matters twitter account–I guess I’m more of a twit…or that it’s easier to slide 140 characters into the cracks in my day’s schedule than to cram the writing of a meaningful blog post into the three minute gap before every meeting starts.

If you’re interested in such things as web content, communications, internal communications, intranets and digital workplaces, you might want to check it out. Even if you’re not, you can check in on me there–it’s my weekly review, like Jewel’s, so that when I whine about work, you can point to it and know that I really am happy.

Unlike Jewel’s, however, I can’t promise any pictures of me in a smock.

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