Dude, where’s my jersey?


2013 Team Bradstein jersey

Update: Whit asked good questions.

Answers: No donations are spent on jerseys. 100 percent of every donation goes straight from you to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Even if I wanted to use donations to pay for jerseys–which I don’t–I can’t.

To let me know you’re donating on Whit’s behalf, mention him in the comments field when you donate.

Back to our regularly scheduled blog post…


I’ll shave my legs for Whit Honea, and he’ll wear a skintight spandex shirt…but you have to help get us both there.

I’ve always been a fan of Whit’s as one of the best dad bloggers out there. My criteria for good dad bloggers are pretty simple:

  • Be a good dad.
  • Be a good blogger, which means you have to know how to write.

It helps if you make me laugh. Or cry. Or both. Seriously, if your writing about your experiences moves me to a PDE–public display of emotion–you win. Five extra Bradstein points for you. Going by this scale, Whit’s near the top of the leaderboard.

In his race to the top, Whit wisely bought off the judge–that would be me–by donating to my favorite charity. That would be my Pan-Mass Challenge ride to make cancer history.

What he’s really trying to do is make me shave my legs for Father’s Day.

To help Whit out in his race to the top, I’m going to issue a little challenge to him and maybe turn the tables a little. See, by continuing to write regularly, unlike other unnamed slacker dad bloggers–that would be me–Whit has developed fans, followers, twitterati, if you will, who stalk him throughout the series of tubes we call the innernetz.

I’m sure that Whit’s fans, friends, stalkers, etc. would love to see him in a skintight spandex shirt, so if they collectively…

  • Donate a total of $100 by May 15, I’ll put a picture of Whit’s choosing on my jersey (has to be of someone affected by cancer).
  • Donate a total of $250 by May 15, I’ll send Whit the jersey off my back (I’ll probably wash it first, because sweat)…seriously, he’ll get his own jersey. Clean. New.

Here’s the deal…

  1. Donate to my Pan-Mass Challenge ride to make cancer history.
  2. Mention Whit, Honea Express or ponies in the comments field in your donation.
  3. Live vicariously through Whit as he earns Bradstein points as fast as a pony chases a rainbow.
  4. Whit gets a jersey of his own to wear anywhere that full-zip spandex photo jersey with back pockets are allowed–which is to say nowhere around well mannered civilized folks, but anywhere that cyclists gather.

You give. I shave my legs. Whit wears spandex. We all kick cancer’s ass.

Because you love him, that’s why you do it.

Also, because you donate $500 on Whit’s behalf by May 15, I’ll send him two jerseys and he might give one to you.

Let the giving and shaving and spandexing begin.