Thanks! …and a hot new opportunity

Thanks to each of you who gave last week to meet my match–and if you didn’t have a chance to donate yet, I have a hot new opportunity for you to fight cancer…and make me sweat.

Together with the match from my sponsor, you gave $2,000 to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, which just announced a new prostate cancer treatment that extends patients’ lives on average by one year. Your donations fund their research, so you’ve extended the lives of thousands of dads through next Father’s Day.

My wife’s uncle was one such dad, but this spring she had to travel home to the family farm for his funeral. He had long fought cancer, and his kids lost their dad far too early. I lost my dad to cancer when I was just 16, denying my kids the chance to visit their grandfather and play catch, go for a bike ride or sail a boat with him.

If you missed the match and still want to give, I’m honoring my Dad and all fathers with a mileage match:

For every dollar you give between now and Father’s Day, I’ll ride a mile in July. (Up to 500 miles. I am only human, after all.)

Donate today.

This won’t be easy. This May I rode almost 400 miles and it just about wiped me out, so 500 will really stretch me–and in the heat of July it will really make me sweat. But it’s worth it if we can work together to let another dad live to see Fathers’ Day next year.

Let’s sweat the big stuff–curing cancer–so dads everywhere can sweat the small stuff, like thanking their kids for another tie or bottle of Old Spice.

Donate today.

Again, thanks to those who already gave. If you’ve already donated, please consider sharing this message with a friend…or 12. You can also follow me on twitter and friend me on Facebook.