She came to me as if in a dream*


I met the girl who changed my life five years ago today. It was love at first sight. She didn’t talk much and spent most of her time eating and sleeping–we got along just fine.

Jewel is five years old today and she amazed me as much this morning as she did on her first morning among us. She wakes up cheerful and eager for her everything the day has to offer. Mostly she’s glad to greet her family–she’s even learned to wait for her brother to emerge before greeting him. She’s patient with the snuffling, nibbling doggy greetings and with Mama and Papa’s morning rushing about, and ready to see her friends at preschool.

Every time she eats the cucumbers she loves, she reminds me of her uncle MrJumbo, walking across Israel to archaeology digs, munching raw cukes. She shares a name with Mom in a way, and I wonder if that’s where Jewel got her love of broccoli. And in Jewel’s green eyes, I see a unique girl, as happy to be here as we were to greet her in this world.

(See some of her first yawns and hiccups.)

*Really, it was as if in a dream, since it was about 3 a.m. when she arrived.