I ride for Dad


Because when I was 16, a brain tumor took Dad from me.

Because he taught me to sail by teaching me how a wing works.

Because he ran behind me around the cul-de-sac as I pedaled and wobbled on that little red bike.

Because he rode his bike to the train in his three-piece suits.

Because he also loved James Bond and Aston Martins.

Because he let me shift gears when he drove.

Because he loved big band jazz and played it every Sunday while he made us waffles.

Because he played piano by ear.

Because he tolerated my brutal attempts at trumpet playing.

Because he would carry me into bed from the car, when I was too tired to walk.

Because he would cut my hair in the garage.

Because he taught me to put the toast in before you start scrambling the eggs, so everything is done at the same time.

Because when I let my guard down, late at night, in the starlight, I can still hear his voice.

Because I’ll never forget that night when Mom and I had to carry him from the couch to their bed, one last time.

Because I have his left-handedness, but I’ll never hold his hand again.

Because I’ve gotten over it, but I’ll never stop missing him.

Because it’s not just dads, it’s moms and it’s kids.

That’s why I’ve accepted the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC):

  • Ride a bike 200 miles in 2 days.
  • Raise $45 million dollars.
  • Give 100 percent directly to cancer researchers, caregivers and patients at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Please donate to Dana-Farber through my PMC ride today.

Dr. Farber invented modern chemotherapy and then founded Dana-Farber. The researchers who have followed him have developed new treatments, cures and even vaccines to prevent cancers, always leading the fight against cancer from the cutting edge, sharing their knowledge with physicians everywhere.

Because it’s too late to save my Dad, but there’s still time to save the next dad. Or mom. Or kid.

Please donate to Dana-Farber through my PMC ride today.