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Safety–and disaster–first

With a sickening crunch and a bumping jerk to a stop is how my 200-mile, 2-day bike ride to make cancer history started.

We hadn’t even left my driveway, but that’s where I’d left my bike helmet–in the driveway, on the ground, behind The Pilot’s truck. So as we waved goodbye and backed out, we rolled right over my helmet. I left it on the kitchen counter as a reminder to the kids not to leave anything behind a car, ever, not even for a moment while loading or unloading. Mom used to say it. I say it to myself. But an example is worth 1,000 reminders.

It was a good way to start the weekend, remembering my ABC’s–Always Be Careful–because it was one full of dangerous situations, each coming and going by in a flash. It was also a reminder to think about the consequences of every action–how will this affect those around me? What happens next? What would I do in the worst case scenario? It was also a reminder that when it comes to safety, it’s best to do it now, now get around to it later.

And that’s what we did.

We went straight to my LBS–local bike shop–and got a new lid for me. It was for the best. That helmet was old and worn out and may not have protected me when I needed it to, and you never know when you’ll need it the most, as The Pilot found out on day 2 of the ride.

He felt bad about backing over my helmet, but I’m the one who left it on the ground, and it was for the best, I’m sure.