Team Bradstein Jersey

Put a face on the fight against cancer

2017 Team Bradstein jerseyDonate $100 and you will

  • Honor a cancer survivor.
  • Remember a loved one.
  • Put a face on the fight against cancer.

When you donate $100 to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute through our ride, you can add a photo to the jersey we’ll wear.

You also

100% of your donation goes directly to researchers, caregivers and patients at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where chemotherapy was invented and where cutting edge, life-saving treatments like immunotherapy are being developed.

Donate today.

What is our ride?

It’s a  200-mile, 2-day ride across Massachusetts in the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC).

When you donate $100 and put a photo on our jersey, you support today’s efforts to develop tomorrow’s cures. According to the head of Dana-Farber, “if there were no Pan-Mass Challenge, there would be no Dana-Farber research.” (watch the video about the difference PMC money makes)

Donate today.

Get your own jersey

The photo we print on our jersey for you will be seen by thousands of people cheering for our ride to make cancer history. Every rider and volunteer is 100 percent committed to curing cancer, and thanks to the fees riders pay and generous event sponsors, 100 percent of your donation goes directly to cancer researchers, patients and doctors.

Go the extra mile and get your own jersey when you donate $250 or more to our ride.

Wearing these jerseys from past rides, we carry with us the memories of all our family and friends affected by, and sometimes lost to, cancer. Struggling up hills, freezing through slicing icy winds and sweating through the sauna that is summer in DC, we think of you all.

Remembering your support flattens the hills, warms our hearts and fills our water bottles with iced lattes. OK…maybe not that last one, but seriously, although we’re carrying all of you with us, it’s you who carry us forward.

And we’d love to be able to show all of you to our fellow riders as well.

Please join us on our ride, or send a friend or loved one along with us–donate today.